The Friends of Shipton Moyne Parish

Registered Charity Number: 1194076

The Friends of Shipton Moyne is a new charity. We were established in early 2021 with the aim of making our village a better place for everyone who lives here. One of our charitable purposes is to support the church, as we hope to do some of the work which was done by our resident vicar in the past, but our charter makes it clear that our objectives are equally to support non-church related activities in the “civil parish” of Shipton Moyne.

Our trustees who represent different parts of the village community will ensure that we use our resources to benefit the community. Another group, which will include some trustees and some who are not trustees, will be responsible for fundraising. We plan to raise a significant sum from large and small donations so that we can make a real difference.

Our trustees will engage with the community to establish how the Trust can do most good. We will encourage people who live here to apply for funds either for themselves, or to help others, or to pay for projects which will help individuals or the community.

Examples of how the Trust may spend its money include:

  • Helping people who are in trouble, unwell or bereaved.  This may be by providing transport for those who can’t drive to shop or to visit the doctor; delivering meals to people unable to cook for themselves; maintaining the defibrillator; or helping to pay for special facilities for those who are disabled.
  • Making grants to school and university students to help them with their studies.
  • Supporting existing village charities including the Parochial Church Council, the Village Hall and the recreation ground.
  • Helping to keep the church alive for weekly services, weddings, Christenings, and funerals.
  • We hope to arrange for more use to be made of the church for the benefit of non-churchgoers.
  • We will support community events, such as bonfire night or national celebrations like the Queen’s Jubilee.
Shipton Moyne Church From A Pavilion